How can I launch Notepad++.exe from the command line with "plugin" options?

  • I’m familiar with Command Line Switches guide in the docs, but would like to open a controlled instance of Notepad++ and automatically call NppFTP to connect to a profile with something like:
    “C:\Program Files\Notepad++\Notepad++.exe” -multiInst -nosession -openSession <fullpathofsessionfile> -NppFTP_Connect <profilename>

  • @Drew-Wesley

    this is a nice question and a good idea, but unfortunately not built into notepad++.

    currently it is not possible to start nppftp and connect to a server using command line switches, but it could be done using scripting plugins like pythonscript or luascript as a workaround and playground.

    first you would have to record a macro, as connecting to a specific ftp server can not be triggered by using the menu bar items.

    then, using pythonscript in this example, you can put something like Notepad.runMenuCommand('Macro', 'Connect to your FTP') in your startup script.

    of course there would be more things to do, like connecting to the corresponding ftp if a file is opened via command line from a specific list of locations, but it’s just an idea, in case you want to dig deeper into scripting.

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