How to change order of document?

  • How to programmatically change the order of opened document?

    PS. Please don’t tell me about ability to di this with mouse - i mean only programmatically. :)

  • @Oleksandr

    by sending a WDN_NOTIFY message of type WDT_SORT

  • @Oleksandr

    ok, i will not show you how to sort tabs alphabetically by using the mouse … i will show you how to do it by using the KEYBOARD ;-)

    sort tabs alphabetically by using the keyboard:
    (this example is for english notepad++ localisation only)

    • hold down the [alt] key (keep it pressed until further notice)
    • press the keys [w] [w] [t] sequentially (one after the other)
    • release the [alt]key
    • press the [esc] key

    short summary: alt+wwt > esc

    note: the letters wwt will vary, depending on your notepad++ localisation, which i am not aware of.

    regarding “programmatically”:
    unfortunately messages, as used for example in macros, don’t work with the “window” menu, so i currently don’t know how to do that programmatically with the built in functions.

  • Hello, @oleksandr, and All,

    If you have a lot of tabs, opened in Notepad++ and you are a little lost to find a specific tab, you may be interested by the excellent NavigateTo plugin. :-)) of Oleksii Maryshchenko ! Refer below :

    With that plugin, you won’t need the multi-line Tab Bar feature any more, and you’ll get a large editor window, whatever your number of opened tabs ;-))

    • Hit the default Ctrl + , shortcut or click on the Plugins > NavigateTo > Tabs option

    • Type in some chars in the Search / Filter zone

    • The total of files listed ( filtered or not ) is displayed in the title bar

    • Double-click on the desired file or hit the Enter key to select it and close the NavigateTo window

    • Hold down the Alt key and hit the Up or Down arrows to open and navigate in the search history list

    • Hold down the Shift key and hit the Up and Down arrows to use the real-time preview feature

    Remarks :

    • In last N++ versions, you’ll need to create a NavigateTo folder in your active Plugins folder and move the NavigateTo.dll library, inside

    • The Esc key closes the NavigateTo window

    • The | character, at beginning of the search zone invert the action of the search. For instance, |txt would display all files without extension .txt and |. would only list files without extension !

    • The NavigateTo window is re-sizable

    • The saved tabs/files are displayed in black color, unsaved ones are displayed in red color and read-only tabs/files are displayed in gray

    • If you have some tabs in the secondary N++ view, a new View column occurs, between the name and path columns

    Best Regards,


  • @guy038

    nice, i’ve just installed NavigateTo using plugins admin, and it comes in very, very handy.

    i often have at least five (!!!) multi tab lines opened, and often only remember either just a part of the path or a part of the file name.

    i’ve used your description [ctrl]+[,] > enter a small path part > hit [enter] and voilà, i’m quicker than ever before 👍

    also the case insensitive “not containing” search is very nice using path parts. i can now use |notepad to search for everything that does not have “notepad” anywhere in it’s path or filename.

    btw. it is always nice to read as much as i can, because i seem to profit from many user questions, because many of them get answers that are leading to cool and useful things, some of which i didn’t even know existed 😃

  • @guy038 completely offtop

  • Yep, all replies with the exception of possibly Eko’s are off-topic. Sometimes people reply this way in order to give future readers hints about how to accomplish something tangentially-related. It’s OK.

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