• Wow, wow, WOW. It takes a lot to get under @guy038 's skin! :)

  • @guy038
    I hope the OP takes your suggestion to heart and does exactly that. It would save us all a tremendous amount of time if we could just navigate to the backup folder and extract a finished file whenever we needed to write some code or text document.

  • @Jim-Dailey said:

    if we could just navigate to the backup folder and extract a finished file

    The problem with that is that it ends up killing your grandfather when he was a child, and you wink out of existence.

    I recommend just preemptively creating the file as all NULs, because that’s the state that the auto-backup will leave your file in if you happen to crash at the wrong time: it will at least save all the frustration of losing all that work that you were silly enough to not save properly, nor keep independent version control on.

  • @Mede-Made

    I seriously got a chuckle out of this. Reminds me of the entitled youth these days that you could buy a Porsche for their 16th birthday and they would be angry it wasn’t the right color. Credit is definitely due for posting in the right place, albeit misguided in that relying on a freely provided text editor to automatically know to backup immediately prior to a forced MS update while carelessly walking away for lunch without saving anything deemed “important” is pretty ignorant and negligent in itself. But, hey, that’s the new thing, blame everyone else for your actions and take no responsibility yourself. I bet you’re a real ray of sunshine to work with. Most Narcissists die alone, so I’m sure this one will work itself out in the end. :-)

    I, however, am NOT going to say “fuck to Notepad++” because I actually do appreciate all the selfless hard work and support that went into this amazing program. No software is perfect, but considering the problem with computers is that they do exactly what you tell them to do, we are only human and this software is pretty close. I haven’t had a single issue with it, but then again, I read the manual, disclaimers and have more patience than @Needy-Madd.

    Thanks for everyone else in this community!

  • Passing along to +1 this.

    Just lost a massive amount of work while I was in a hyper-threaded working spree. I did not save religiously because we live in 2019, lost pretty much everything I had written in the last 4 hours, the backup file wiped, I’m back with what I had when I started today.
    I did not think that a program that’s still massively used in 2019 would not have some way of avoiding something as godawful as this.

    I love you Notepad++, but fuck you for making me lose all this work.

  • +1. Exact same problem. I’m devastated.

  • Try using Recuva to restore your lost data. You can read here:

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