NPP On USB For Unix

  • So, I am trying to work from a school computer, but the school computer does not have Notepad++ installed (And I cant install it on there) So I thought maybe my best bet was to install N++ On a USB and just use it from that. However my home computer runs Windows and the computer I want to run it on runs Unix, So really my question is how do I install NPP on a USB that can be used on a Unix Device, (If it wont run from my Windows computer thats fine, as long as it runs on the Unix System from the USB)
    I am fairly new to anything Unix/Linux/notWindows but as far as im aware the installer I download wont work correctly on another OS through a USB.

  • @DGSitze
    I believe that Notepad++ (NPP) does not work natively under Unix\Linux. However if you were able to get a WINE environment going, NPP will work there.

    Read this recent posting.


  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @DGSitze

    if you have ubuntu 16.04 or higher at your school, it’s easy to install notepad++ as it is already available as a snap plugin at the ubuntu software center (the app store on ubuntu)
    you can install it with a few simple mouse clicks, as seen at the screenshot below.

    • open the orange ubuntu software icon
    • enter notepad in the search field
    • choose notepad-plus-plus from the list and hit install
    • you’re done 👍


    for other linux distributions that support snap, please see here:

    you can also use a complete wine install, as mentioned by @Terry-R.
    a complete wine installation will work on all linux distributions, as well as all macs with an intel cpu.

    note: if you don’t have permission to do so at your school’s pc, you could ask your local admin and/or principal if they would allow it. maybe it would help if you show them the differences between notepad++ and the currently installed editor(s), emphasising the features that positively distinguish notepad++ for you.

  • @Meta-Chuh

    You seem to have some expertise in this area. So a few questions:

    I would like to maybe run N++ on Ubuntu 16.04. But I would like it to be the “portable” version that I have on Windows with my very customized setup (prefs, keymaps, pythonscripts, etc)…VERY CUSTOMIZED. :)

    If I were to do this, I would like to keep my Ubuntu N++ in sync with the Windows version by simply copying the “portable” version file structure periodically to the Linux box (actually not a box, just inside a VM on Win host).

    Possible? Advice?

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    possible: yes
    easy: also yes

    if you prefer to download notepad++ from the ubuntu software center (which currently deploys version 7.6.3 x64),
    you just have to replace the contents of ~/snap/notepad-plus-plus/190/notepad-plus-plus with the contents of your portable notepad++ folder.
    as soon as the doLocalConf.xml is copied over from your notepad++ it will stop using %AppData% just like it does on windows.

    the only thing you have to do is to rename your notepad++.exe to notepad-plus-plus.exe because the startup script expects the exe to be called that way.

    side note: a snap install is basically a one click install of a standard wine instance, bundled with notepad++.
    all further wine customisations are the same as if you would have installed wine+npp manually.
    only the folder locations will be different, as snap installs all windows executables to subfolders within the ~/snap folder.
    but once you browse to that folder, everything in there will behave the same as in windows or a manual wine install.

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