What is the script for NPPExec, to compile and run java application on Notepad++ 7.6.3

  • What is the script for NPPExec to compile and run a Java application in notepad++ 7.6.3. I have this in the “commands” of NPPExec…
    javac ${FILE_NAME}
    java ${NAME_PART}
    and I applied Ctrl-X to compile and run but when I press Ctrl-X this is what I get…
    NPPEXEC: “Compile_Run_Java”
    Current directory: C:\Program files\Notepad++
    javac ${FILE_NAME}
    Process started (PID=4688)>>>
    javac: invalid flag: ${FILE_NAME}
    Usage: javac<options><sourcefiles>
    use --help for a list of possible options
    <<<Process finished(PID=4688).(Exit code 2)
    java ${NAME_PART}
    Process started(PID=8172)>>>
    Error: could not find or load main class ${NAME_PART}
    caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ${NAME_PART}
    <<<Process finished(PID=8172). (Exit code 1)
    What do I do, remember this is Notepad++ 7.6.3 maybe the script is different for this version or is there another way to compile and run java?

  • NppExec uses parenthesis, not curly-braces, for it’s variables, so instead of using

    javac ${FILE_NAME}
    java ${NAME_PART}

    change that to

    javac $(FILE_NAME)
    java $(NAME_PART)

    That should work for you.

    if you will ever have the possibility of spaces in your filenames, use

    javac "$(FILE_NAME)"
    java "$(NAME_PART)"

  • Thank you Mr.Peter Jones. I tried the parentheses instead of the curly braces and it compiled and run a small java application. God bless you.

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