bookmarks local to files

  • Can bookmarks be global to all files that are loaded or in the file list (have a file or buffer association) or are they all only file-local?

  • @todmar13

    There may be some options for you but first, can you give a use-case where this is beneficial?

  • ‘Next Bookmark’ only goes to bookmarks in currently open file. Having bookmarks on many files and going to each of them in order; so, --> looking at information at bookmarks in different files without having to open the file or view the buffer explicitly first…

  • Bookmarks are definitely currently file-local. You could make a feature request to potentially change this, or maybe check for the existence already of a plugin that might do this…

  • @todmar13

    Maybe another approach, what about using find in all open files instead of marking the results.
    The resulting search result window would have all the hits
    and in case you need to change something a click on it would open the file automatically at the exact location.

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