After N++ crash I cannot restore many open windows with documents, however they exist in backup folder and settings are ok.

  • At the beginning - sorry that this topic appears again in my post but I have read previous threads and it seems that my case is a little bit different so I decided to open new one and ask you people for help.

    Like in subject I experienced crash of N++ (probably because of memory overload - some other apps also crashed at the same time). After pc reboot N++ opened with one empty new window and that is all. In Settings/Preferences/Backup I had checked both ‘Remeber current session for next launch’ and ‘Enable session snapshot and periodic backup’ and backup path was set properly (like C:\Users\piotr\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\backup).
    In this folder I can see many files and they have some content, so I am pretty sure that I did not lose anything, but I do not know how to open all of those files back in separate windows like it was before crash.
    What I also did - I uninstalled N++ (sorry I dont remember what was the version installed at the time of crash), and I just downloaded new version (7.6.3) and installed it from scratch. After installation I checked settings to make sure both mentioned check boxes are enabled and pointed again the same backup folder and I copied all those files to it. After N++ execution I can still see empty new window instead of restored documents in many separated windows like it was before.
    Please help! What I did wrong? Of course I can make dozens of copy-paste operations and restore previous state manually step by step file by file but I would be annoying and time consuming. Thx in advance for help.

  • @Fi-Piotr

    first of all, i hope that you made a copy of your %AppData%\Notepad++\backup folder, prior to any further attempts and prior to uninstalling your notepad++ and installing 7.6.3 from scratch.

    one of the best ways, to try to recover your data, would be not to use your installed notepad++ until everything is restored, by first:

    • download a portable, independent notepad++ version from >>> here <<<
      (the portable version has the advantage of being able to coexist with your installed version, and it is working isolated and does not change anything at your installed version’s settings, folders, sessions, backup structures, etc)
    • extract to your desktop or download folder.
    • start this portable notepad++ by double clicking on the notepad++.exe inside of the extracted npp.7.6.3.bin folder.
    • go to file > openand browse to your %AppData%\Notepad++\backup\ folder (or your backup copy location of it), and open all [filename]@yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss files.
      (some of them might be empty)
    • save the ones, which contain your desired data, to your desired location, by going to file > save as and removing the @yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss timestamp filename extension from the filename, before you hit save.

  • I’m sure the file’s the OP is talking about “losing” were a bunch of “unsaved” "new \d+" files (regular expression syntax intended). Apologies if this is not the case, but it is for many others reporting similar problems. When are people gonna learn to not have a bunch of these files hanging around for a long time? Side note: Rumor has it that this situation might be made worse soon as there is a consideration for allowing “new \d+” files to be given an actual name (without giving them a user-specified path in the file system). To that I give a big: UGH!

    @Fi-Piotr said:

    What I also did - I uninstalled N++ (sorry I dont remember what was the version installed at the time of crash), and I just downloaded new version (7.6.3)

    IMO that was a really dumb step to take. But I guess, you didn’t know it.

    Sorry to be such a debbie downer (and offer nothing positive–really sorry about that) but all these stories about lost data are getting old, Old, OLD…

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