Not able to install XML plugin ()

  • @tanu-uppal

    thank you for your detailed information.

    i have just recreated your setup by installing a fresh notepad++ 7.6.3 x64, started it in admin mode, as well as a standard user, and i can install the xml tools plugin without any problems in both modes.

    are you able to install any plugins at all, using plugins admin, for example the compare plugin ?
    if not, there’s a possibility that you are behind a corporate proxy, which you could set at ? > set updater proxy... if you know your proxy’s ip and port.
    if you are behind a corporate firewall, which does not allow downloads from any programs except your internet browser, you would need the help of your local admin, or perform a manual download and install.
    (we would guide you through that, if this is the case)

    to check if you are behind a corporate proxy:
    open a cmd window.
    enter ping and press enter.
    if you don’t get an answer from you are behind a corporate proxy.

  • I think my computer is behind corporate firewall. Can you please send me manual download guide .

  • download psiphon and simply run in OS : Windows 7 (64-bit) while browser open automatically then begin.

  • @tanu-uppal,

    Manual install:

    • close all instances of Notepad++
    • download the latest XML Tools – make sure to pick x64 (64-bit) version (witout DEBUG) to match your Notepad++
    • in the plugins directory of your notepad++ install (c:\program files\notepad++\plugins), create an XMLTools folder
    • place the contents of the downloaded zipfile in the XmlTools folder, so that there exists c:\program files\notepad++\plugins\XMLTools\XMLTools.dll
    • open Notepad++
    • Plugins > XML Tools should exist


    That in no way helped the original poster to accomplish the goal of installing XML Tools. If you have a valid reason for recommending that tool over the XML Tools plugin [*], then you may make your case; but just dropping in with a “download this unknown tool” message doesn’t help the discussion.

    edit: after hitting SUBMIT, I realized that maybe the “psiphon” tool was something that can help overcome a corporate firewall; if so, you should really explain that. Also, you should point out that trying to bypass corporate security is grounds for firing at many corporations, so caveat emptor.

  • i’dont know about my network but without psiphon i could not install 3p plugin auto update sometimes.

  • I’m glad that psiphon helped you with auto-update. I don’t know if using such an app would be allowed in @tanu-uppal’s circumstances; and if it’s trying to circumvent corporate firewalls, I wouldn’t advise @tanu-uppal take that approach. Thank you for your clarification.

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  • also can’t install xml tools.

    Notepad++ v7.6.6 (32-bit)
    Build time : Apr 3 2019 - 23:49:50
    Path : C:\Program Files\Text Editors\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : ON
    Local Conf mode : OFF
    OS : Windows Vista (32-bit)
    Plugins : EmmetNPP.dll mimeTools.dll NppConverter.dll NppExport.dll PythonScript.dll

    tried plugins admin 3 times. it restart but no xml tools

    checked ping - all ok, no proxy

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  • Notepad++ v7.8.9 (32-bit)
    Build time : Jul 15 2020 - 20:26:50
    Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe
    Admin mode : ON
    Local Conf mode : OFF
    OS Name : Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit)
    OS Version : 1909
    OS Build : 18363.1016
    Current ANSI codepage : 1252
    Plugins : mimeTools.dll NppConverter.dll NppExport.dll NPPJSONViewer.dll

    tried installing manually XMLTools- which is apparently the latest, but version incompatibility with notepad++ version message comes up :(

  • @Prathiba-KR said in Not able to install XML plugin ():

    tried installing manually XMLTools-

    Well you are trying to install a 64 bit app within the Notepad++ 32bit version. It will NEVER work! You MUST always get the same (32bit or 64bit) as the overlying app. Also if your Windows OS is 64bit as stated then why not install Notepad++ 64bit, then try the XMLTools 64bit as you already have it downloaded.


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