How to find a Line Feed(LF) without Carriage Return(CR) after every line

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    I have hundred thousand row record data export from database as text file.
    I want to find a line just have only Line Feed(LF) to correct missing Carriage Return(CR) after every line

    How can I accomplish this?


    for example i have capture a part of a text file here

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Aditep

    if you want to automatically correct/convert all mixed line feeds to cr+lf only:

    • first go to edit > eol conversion > macintosh (cr).
    • then go to edit > eol conversion > windows (cr lf)

    note: it is similar if you want to convert a document to lf line feeds only.
    just switch to any other line feed format and then back to the one you desire.

  • @Aditep

    if you prefer to do all conversions manually, using your notepad++ find window, and want to find all lines with a missing cr only (for e.g. manual control purposes):

    open your find window and paste/set the following:
    find what: ^(.*?|^\r)\n
    search mode: “regular expression