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  • so i downloaded notepad++ and when I changed the language to html, everything is bold. When I run the code, the language is also bold.

    How do I fix this?


  • If I understand correctly it is about syntax highlighting.

  • Does that look better?

  • @Shannon-Searle said:

    (1) when I changed the language to html, everything is bold.
    (2) When I run the code, the language is also bold.

    Those are two separate issues, if I’m understanding you correctly. (I added the numbers to show the two issues)

    In Notepad++, when you set the Language to HTML, the text may render as bold because of your style settings: Settings > Style Configurator > Language: HTML > Style: DEFAULT for me has the ☑ Bold font style selected. If you don’t like the text being bold in the editor, then change that setting. (Personally, I think that’s a better solution than selecting a “user defined language” with no styling defined; really, if you didn’t want any styling applied, then I would recommend choosing a language of Normal Text rather than an empty User Defined Language; but since you said you intentionally chose the HTML language, I assume you wanted to apply styling to help with the editing of the HTML.)

    Regarding (2): HTML isn’t “run” in the traditional sense. The browser parses and renders the HTML, rather than “runs code”. I assume by “when I run the code, the language is also bold”, you mean “when I open the HTML file in my browser, the browser renders some (or all) of the text bold, when I don’t expect that.” Without seeing your HTML, we couldn’t know for sure; however, my best bet is that you have an unclosed tag – be it a <b> or an <h#> or some other tag that will make the text look bold when rendered in your browser – and since it wasn’t closed at the right point, that formatting gets applied to the rest of the document.

    The first (how to customize the formatting of a particular language’s stylings in Notepad++) is something that’s right on topic for this forum, so if our replies have not been sufficient to help you customize the highlighting of normal text in your HTML when edited in Notepad++, then please feel free to clarify what you want and ask further questions.

    The second (how to fix the HTML so it renders the way I want in a browser) is really an HTML question, not a Notepad++ question, so other than the generic advise I gave, it would work better to ask in a site devoted to HTML. If you are unclear as to why solving HTML questions is outside the realm of this forum, think of it in terms of asking why baking your cookies according to a recipe that you happened to type up in Notepad++ didn’t result in the perfect desserty-yumminess.

    If I have mis-understood what you were asking in either (1) or (2), please feel free to clarify – especially if you have non cookie-baking reasons why #2 is on-topic for a Notepad++ help forum.

  • @Shannon-Searle,

    Also, I noticed you didn’t supply any screenshots or example text in your post. That often helps clarify what’s going on.

    If you would like to add such and are unsure how to do that, this may help:

    This forum is formatted using Markdown, with a help link buried on the little grey ? in the COMPOSE window/pane when writing your post. For more about how to use Markdown in this forum, please see @Scott-Sumner’s post in the “how to markdown code on this forum” topic, and my updates near the end.
    It is very important that you use these formatting tips – using single backtick marks around small snippets, and using code-quoting for pasting multiple lines from your example data files – because otherwise, the forum will change normal quotes ("") to curly “smart” quotes (“”), will change hyphens to dashes, will sometimes hide asterisks (or if your text is c:\folder\*.txt, it will show up as c:\folder*.txt, missing the backslash). If you want to clearly communicate your text data to us, you need to properly format it.

    That topic also explains how to embed images in your posts using the ![](, so that we can see your images directly in the topic – this is how @andrecool-68 embedded his screenshots, which are hosted on

  • @PeterJones

    I think I figured it out, thanks

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