Why does ₹ appears as □ in npp

  • I have Arial Unicode MS as my default font of npp, and I have encoding as “utf-8-BOM”, and all other unicode characters (primarily HIndi language - Devanagri Script appear well.

    Only ₹ appears as □

    That is Indian currency symbol for Rupees.

    When I copy that square box to clipboard and paste at any other place (browser, word, excel…) that appears correctly without any effort from my side.

    Interestingly, that character appears correctly in FIND_REPLACE window also.

    Why so? What should I do to make that appear properly in npp everywhere?


  • hi @V-S-Rawat

    on my test setup shows up fine, using “arial unicode ms”, like you did.
    (see screenshot below)

    usually notepad++ will be able to display all characters, that the installed windows font we select, is capable of displaying.

    also my usual default font “courier new” shows correctly.

    ps: i have added my debug info to the screenshot as well, in case you want to compare it to your setup, to find out what’s the difference between yours and mine.


    i hope we can find the cause of your experience.
    i currently don’t know if there ever was a windows update, that has updated the fonts. if yes, it might be missing .?.

  • I am having the same setting, except the font size being 11 to see bigger for my ageing eyes, I changed to font size 10 but then also it didn’t appear correctly.

    seems I am having older version of this font installed, because that symbol was added later in unicode so should have come in this font later on, so my font might not have the symbol

    but then, how does it show correctly in the find replace box in npp?

    Anyway, could you please go to your c:\Windows\font font (or wherever you store your font files)

    find Arial Unicode MS font file there, it should be named ArialUni.ttf

    And double click on that to open its previe (or properties)

    The top two lines should be
    Font Name: Arial Unicode MS
    Version: 1.01

    and the size of the file in Windows Explorer should be 22.20 MB

    If any of these details are different, please tell me.


  • @V-S-Rawat

    mine has the same version number, but the size differs from yours.

    file name: ARIALUNI.TTF
    font name: Arial Unicode MS
    version: 1.01
    size: 22,1 MB (23.275.812 Bytes)

  • Hello, @v-s-rawat, @meta-chuh and all,

    @meta-chuh :

    I don’t think that you get the glyph of the INDIAN RUPEE SIGN ( \x{20B9} = ), from your Arial Unicode MS !

    Personally, I’ve got 3 versions of the Arial Unicode MS font :

    • Version v1.01 installed ( File ARIALUNI.TTF, of size 23,275,812 bytes, which contains 38,917 characters and 50,377 glyphs )

    • Version v1.00 ( File ARIALUNI.TTF, of size 23,274,572 bytes, which contains 38,917 characters and 50,377 glyphs )

    • Version v0.84 ( File ARIALUNI.TTF, of size 24,131,012 bytes, which contains 38,911 characters and 51,180 glyphs )

    And, with the excellent Unicode character map application BabelMap.exe ( A simple .exe, without any install, placed everywhere ! ) Refer below, for its last version :



    I could verify that any of these 3 versions cannot display the Indian Rupee glyph ( )

    I suppose, @meta-chuh, that you have some other fonts, on your system, used as substitution fonts, which allow you to see this currency symbol ! And, unfortunately, I’m not aware of an updated version of the Arial Unicode MS font :-((

    Actually, these 3 versions just can display 13 currency symbols ( ₠ ₡ ₢ ₣ ₤ ₥ ₦ ₧ Rs ₩ ₪ ₫ € ), from \x{20A0} to \x{20AC}. See the complete list of the Currency symbols Unicode script, below :



    First, your Devanagari characters/symbols come from the Devanagari script [\x{0900}-\x{097F}] or the Devanagari Extended script [\x{A8E0}-\x{A8FF}]. Refer to :



    As I said, above, the Arial Unicode MS is, probably, useless to get the Indian Rupee symbol ( ).So I would advise you, as an alternative to Arial Unicode MS, to download the Devanagari Google Noto font and install it on your system

    For info, refer to :


    And download it from :


    The NotoSansDevanagari-hinted.zip archive contains the NotoSansDevanagari font, in various weights and widths. To begin with, just extract the NotoSansDevanagari-Regular.ttf font and install it on your system

    The NotoSansDevanagari font properly displays the Indian Rupee symbol ( ) ;-))

    Best Regards


    For your information, here are, below, all the Currency symbols, followed with all the Devanagari characters and symbols. Each character is preceded with 4 space characters :

    ---------------------------- Currency Symbols script  20A0 – 20CF ----------------------------------
        ₠    ₡    ₢    ₣    ₤    ₥    ₦    ₧    Rs    ₩    ₪    ₫    €    ₭    ₮    ₯
        ₰    ₱    ₲    ₳    ₴    ₵    ₶    ₷    ₸    ₹    ₺    ₻    ₼    ₽    ₾     B
    ------------------------------- Devanagari script  0900 - 097F -------------------------------------
    Various Signs :
        ऀ    ँ    ं    ः
    Independent vowels :
        ऄ    अ    आ    इ    ई    उ    ऊ    ऋ    ऌ    ऍ    ऎ    ए    ऐ    ऑ    ऒ    ओ    औ
    Consonants :
        क    ख    ग    घ    ङ    च    छ    ज    झ    ञ    ट    ठ    ड    ढ    ण    त    थ    द    ध    न    ऩ    प    फ    ब    भ    म    य    र    ऱ    ल    ळ    ऴ    व    श    ष    स    ह
    Dependent vowel signs :
        ऺ    ऻ
    Various signs :
        ़    ऽ
    Dependent vowel signs :
        ा    ि    ी    ु    ू    ृ    ॄ    ॅ    ॆ    े    ै    ॉ    ॊ    ो    ौ
    Virama :
    Dependent vowel signs :
    	ॎ    ॏ
    Sign :
    Vedic tone marks :
        ॑    ॒
    Accent marks
        ॓    ॔
    Dependent vowel sign :
    Dependent vowel signs for Kashmiri :
        ॖ    ॗ
    Additional consonants :
        क़    ख़    ग़    ज़    ड़    ढ़    फ़    य़
    Additional vowels for Sanskrit :
        ॠ    ॡ    ॢ    ॣ
    Generic punctuation for scripts of India :
        ।    ॥
    Digits :
        ०    १    २    ३    ४    ५    ६    ७    ८    ९
    Abbreviation sign :
        ॰    ॱ
    Independent vowel for Marathi :
    Independent vowels :
        ॳ    ॴ    ॵ
    Independent vowels for Kashmiri
        ॶ    ॷ
    Additional consonants :
        ॸ    ॹ    ॺ
    Sindhi implosives :
        ॻ    ॼ
    Glottal stop :
    Sindhi implosives :
        ॾ    ॿ
    -------------------------- Devanagari Extended script  A8E0 – A8FF ---------------------------------
    Cantillation marks (svara) for the Samaveda :
        ꣠    ꣡    ꣢    ꣣    ꣤    ꣥    ꣦    ꣧    ꣨꣩꣪꣫    ꣩    ꣪    ꣫    ꣬    ꣭    ꣮    ꣯    ꣰    ꣱
    Marks of nasalization :
        ꣲ    ꣳ    ꣴ    ꣵ    ꣶ    ꣷ
    Editorial marks :
        ꣸    ꣹    ꣺    ꣻ
    Signs :
        ꣼    ꣽ
    Additional vowel and vowel sign :
        ꣾ    ࣿ

  • @guy038

    yes, you are absolutely correct.
    i forgot about the fallback fonts, my apologies for that and thanks for the heads up and your research.

    on my windows 7 system, the fallback font for “arial unicode ms” is “arial”, which has ₹ (U+20B9) included.
    (courier new also has ₹ included, so it worked for me from the beginning)

    full list of fonts, which include ₹ (U+20B9): https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/20b9/fontsupport.htm

    some further testing:
    i took a new, blank windows 10 vm (which has no additional fonts) and successfully got ₹ to display in a default notepad++ with the default font courier new.

    then i’ve copied C:\Windows\Fonts\ARIALUNI.TTF from the windows 7 test vm, which i used for the screenshots above, and copied it to the vanilla windows 10 vm.
    then i have set arial unicode ms, size 11, as the default font in notepad++, and it immediately uses arial as fallback, as seen at the screenshot below:


    now what is very intriguing to me:
    why does @V-S-Rawat 's windows not fall back to arial, if it does correctly work on a new and blank windows 10 and my windows 7 notepad++ test vm ?
    is it maybe, that his arial is possibly outdated, and missing the ₹ ?

    and most important: is it possible to get what my windows 7 and 10 does to @V-S-Rawat , so that he can use arial unicode ms, which is probably his favourite font ?
    (to get his fallback running might be important, because if he would use noto sans devangari, and his font fallback does not work, he might not be able to display all latin, and all other special characters, which arial or courier new are able to display)

    can you see the ₹ if you set your default style to courier new ?
    did you already check if you can display ₹ on both your dual boot installations, windows 10 and windows 8.1 ?
    ps: if you have changed your setup lately, could you please also give us your newest notepad++ debug info for both dual boots ?

  • @guy038 Thanks for your valuable guidance.

    I had babelmap already with me, I quickly checked and found that it was showing ₹ when “composite font” was ticked, but was not showing the same when Single Font - Arial Unicode MS was selected. That meant this symbol was not defined in Arial Unicode MS font.

    I then checked all Devanagari font, and saw that while Arial Unicode MS was having only 104 characters defined, some other fonts were having 127 characters defined, but one font Nirmala UI was having 128 characters defined that was the maximum,

    so now, I have set Nirmala UI as my default font on npp and I am able to see the ₹ symbol well.

    That solves my issue.


  • Also, Arial Unicode MS’ wiki page itself says that latest version is 1.01 that was released 21 years ago in 1998, so the characters defined later are not there in it.

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