Sourcecookifier installed but not visible

  • Hi there,
    I just installed sourcecookifier 0.7.3 in my Notepad ++ 7.6 32bits. I can see it in the “Plugins manager” addon as “Installed” “Good” but it is not visible in either the Plugin Admin or in the Plugins drop down menu. Too old, not working anymore? Any alternative?

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Gautier-Andreotti

    Too old, not working anymore?

    source cookifier 0.7.3 will also work on the newest versions of notepad++.

    if you have the installed version of notepad++ 7.6 - 32 bit (not the portable version):
    first please download and run the new version 7.6.3 - 32 bit installer from >>> here <<<, to update your existing version.

    then go to plugins > plugins admin, enter “source cookifier” in the search field, check “source cookifier 0.7.3” at the plugins list, and hit install, as seen at the screenshot below.


    now source cookifier will be installed, as seen at the next screenshot.


    important note: do not use “plugin manager” on a notepad++ version 7.6 and above, as it is not compatible with the newer versions of notepad++, and it would install all plugins to the wrong folder locations.
    only use the built in “plugins admin” on newer versions of notepad++.

    (it is recommended to remove “plugin manager” completely on newer versions of notepad++, as it currently does not work, and it is not known if it will be updated in the near future)

    side note: if you have installed other plugins on 7.6, you will have to reinstall them using “plugins admin” once you have updated to 7.6.3, due to changes of the plugins folder locations.

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