Code Folding Help.

  • Greetings All:
    I am getting stumped by a small problem…
    I am trying to fold based off of “non-code” items.
    I have a file that has 7 blocks of information format would be as follows:
    0 Axset
    24 lines of digits some may be preceded by - making them a negative value
    Rdgain 2 Dwell
    1 Stogain 2 Dwell
    Repeat digits and the 2 lines above through 5 Stogain 2 Dwell
    Then 1 Axset and so on through 7 Axset.
    I have set the open to \d Axset
    Middle to a miriad of different things.
    Close ^5 Stogain
    It folds but at random places…
    I am sure it is because of what I have in the middle but can’t seem to get it to work.
    Any suggestions? If you need an example file i can send.



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    After you have read the above links, please come back with more details, as well example data that will actually show what you mean – interleaving the data with your question text is super confusing when you haven’t marked it up to show what’s data and what’s not.

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