CSS not updating (Newbie)

  • Hello, I’m fairly new to this, and still learning html and CSS basics. My issue is, I was working on a simple practice website, and all was fine, but suddenly whenever I made a change in my stylesheet, the website remained the same. Changes in the html sheet were reflected, but CSS was not.

    I’ve tried clearing the cache, validating, updating windows, the coding app, my browser. Tried using several different browsers. Tried several different coding apps. Renamed the CSS and html sheets. Tried three different computers. I am learning via an instruction book, and the author gives a cheat sheet, so I even copied and pasted the exact syntax that he provides online, and still, no change to the website page.

    When I tried deleting the CSS sheet altogether, the website remained the same, including the style changes I applied before the problem began - it’s as if the page is frozen in time and the CSS is not communicating at all, either way. I talked to Windows and they instructed me to contact the app program. I’m pretty new, so if anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks very much!

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    Sorry, but you are “off topic”. This place is for Notepad++ concerns, and I see nothing Notepad++ related in your posting.

  • @Laurie-Dimarco said:
    Check all paths in HTML and CSS files

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    IMO it is best to not answer OT questions here.

  • @Laurie-Dimarco,

    I notice over in the “hate NPP” section that you’re complaining because you were told it’s an off-topic question. Honestly, why do you believe it is on topic? Do you really think it’s Notepad++ fault that the CSS isn’t updating, when you “tried several different coding apps” – if you tried multiple, including Notepad++, and the problem persists, that pretty much eliminates Notepad++ as the culprit.

    We have an analogy in the forum: you are asking why your cookies aren’t baking correctly when you followed the recipe that you typed in Notepad++. The link explains in more detail why your question seems to be a cookie-baking question. As it says in that FAQ, if you can clearly explain why you believe the problem lies with Notepad++, we’ll be happy to help you.

    Obfuscated advice, which you can use Notepad++ and the MIME-Tools plugin to decode:


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    Obfuscated advice

    ijlmfao 😂👍

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    Agent 007 …(((:

  • I had given my advice, posted, then saw Alan’s post, so I ninja-edited to obfuscate the off topic information. (I had already spent the time typing it up, and didn’t want to just delete it, so thought the obfuscation would be fun. Besides, it might prompt the OP to ask an on-topic question, which we can answer. :-) )

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