auto-ident problem using XML tools plug-in in HTML pages

  • Using XML tools plung-in I have issues with <br> tags in HTML pages.
    For each <br> the plug-in add a column as tab-empy space, same as standard HTML tags (i.e. <p> </p>).
    Any hint?

  • @Adriano-Ellero

    sorry, don’t understand your question. What do you want to achieve?

  • @Ekopalypse

    i think the xml tools auto formatting/auto indentation (pretty print) has a problem with a html line break written as <br>, as it does not have a closing / tag.


    sorry about not replying to your other thread about <br> yet.

    if my assumption from above is correct:
    i did not find any workaround using xml tools with an unclosed <br> yet.

    the only way i got auto indentation to work is by using a self closing <br/> instead.
    unfortunately many coders use <br> instead of <br/> since it is also valid.

    so until anyone finds any workaround for the xml tools auto indentation, or has a better alternative plugin, which is available for x64, you would have to replace all <br> with <br/>.

  • thanks I did on that way <br />
    all browsers accept that!

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