Let's hate on the forums!

  • Let’s go meta and scream about boycotting the forum, on the forum!

    I’m a new user, and I asked a dumb question, then figured out the answer, so I wanted to edit my post. There’s no edit button. What kind of forum doesn’t allow editing posts? So I tried to reply to my post with a correction. Sorry, can’t post more than once every 20 minutes!
    But then I look again, and lo and behold, an edit button has appeared! So I edit the post, and submit. Sorry, can’t edit after just 3 minutes!
    Never mind, I’ll just delete that post, and post the update anew after my 20 minutes. Sorry, can’t edit after 3 minutes! But I’m deleting!

    Also, post time indicator is crazy. The same post said 10 minutes ago (right after I posted), then 6 minutes ago, then 27. Then I posted a new reply, and it said 12 off the bat, then 11.

    Also I tried to sign in with GitHub Auth. The sign-in worked, but then every page was blank, or said I didn’t have permissions. Including the home page.

    Also the whole forum site was down for a while this morning.

    GRRR! Forum software! Arghhh! So mad!

  • @Jacktose

    i apologise for your experience not to be able to edit your posts after 180 seconds.
    this is a necessary prevention to avoid contents to be altered, which could possibly break the whole context of a thread.

    also the 20 minutes timeout for new user is a necessary feature, as we had a lot of commercial spammers in the past, which flooded our community, causing a lot of work cleaning it up.
    of course this also got in conflict with the variating, distributed time stamps.

    we also apologise for the longer than usual down time of the community forum today.

    i understand that you are upset, but i hope you will be able to profit of our community’s knowledge in the future.

    ps: thanks for posting this here and only here, as doing so is a nice sign of respect from you.

  • off topic ps to @Ekopalypse : i hope that your votes are not based on containing the word meta … pingggg 😂

  • @Meta-Chuh

    LOL, no I was p…d when I was trying to post something lengthy and then I discovered
    that the servers weren’t reachable anymore. How could you event think that I thought
    we think that our thoughts are about meta? :-D

  • @Meta-Chuh Thanks, I didn’t expect such a pleasant and useful response. Don’t worry about frustration or my tone about it; I’m just venting in spirit of this section.
    (And shamelessly trying to drum up a few upvotes to kill the waiting period.)

  • @Jacktose said:

    trying to drum up a few upvotes to kill the waiting period

    Right…then the scum of the earth spammers will flock back here…that will be great!

  • @Alan-Kilborn What? No, just my waiting period.

  • @Jacktose

    YOU have reputation >= 2 now…so YOU have only a 40 sec time limit between posts. :)

  • omg, i think i’m gonna get my first period if this continues 😂

  • A new gripe! What’s up with this? Do I have 8 notifications, or none?
    Screenshot of notifications

  • @Jacktose

    Maybe it’s only you that has those types of problems. I’ve never seen anything like that. But…the forum software isn’t under Notepad++ developer’s control, so complaints about it here are, well, not all that is useful. It is something called NodeBB I think; perhaps they have their own issues list and support forum.