Help! NppFTP Intermitent Transfer Issues?

  • I’ve used Notepad++ with NppFTP for about 4 years now, mostly on a single server. The server is a d
    edicated server running WHM/Cpanel on Centos and seems rock solid. My workstation is Windows 10 and my internet connection has also been rock solid. I have SSH sessions open all day with no connection breaks.

    For the time I’ve used NppFTP sometimes the FTP transfers ‘hiccup’ in that they briefly pause for a second to two before completing. This is not that unusual in my 25 years development experience with various FTP clients and servers I’ve worked with.

    However, in the last couple months, I’m finding NppFTP to be very unreliable. Many time the upload hits 100% and then stalls and fails and then I can’t perform any transfers after that without closing the connecting and re-opening. Sometimes it fails (doesn’t stick at 100% just fails) to upload but if I try again, it works. Sort of like the connection ‘timed out’ and I need to re-establish. I’ve tried using both Passive and Active FTP connections but both have the same issues.

    I’m running PureFTP on the server. Anyone experienced similar issues and if so any recommendations on possible solutions? It’s really effecting my development speed.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Jeff-C

    nppftp versions 0.28.1 upwards, for example version 0.28.3 (released 11 days ago), have addressed various connection issues, which might or might not improve your current connection experience.

    if you are on a version below 0.28.3, you can update nppftp manually:

    • download and extract a newer or from >>> here <<<.
      (depending on whether you are using a 64 or 32 bit version of notepad++)

    • open up your notepad++ plugins folder.
      (or plugins\NppFTP folder if you are on notepad++ 7.6.x)

    • replace your old NppFTP.dll with the newer version, extracted from the file.

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