[7.6.4] Problem with menu

  • Hi,
    my Notepad++ window looks like this:

    I can’t click on the menu buttons
    The same problem occurred at the current version (7.6.4) and at 7.6.1
    I reinstall Notepad++ a couple of times.

    Any ideas?

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Joanna-Szpakowska

    what is your current screen resolution on this specific display ?
    (this is needed to try to reproduce, if what you are experiencing might be caused by this specific screen resolution.)

    also please go to the notepad++ menu ? > debug info... > copy debug info into clipboard and paste it here.
    (of course, only if you are able to use the text menus, and only the menu “buttons” are not working)

  • @Meta-Chuh:
    screen resolution= 2560 x 1440

    I can’t click at menu so I can’t check the debug info

  • @Joanna-Szpakowska

    i can, unfortunately, not reproduce what you are experiencing.

    i have tested your resolution 2560x1440, as seen at the screenshot below, as well as all higher resolutions up to 5k (5120 × 2880).
    all resolutions work fine and as expected.


    for further testing, could you please:

    • download this specific notepad++ 7.6.4. portable version from >>> here <<<.
      (this portable version will not interfere with your installed notepad++ version and does not require any installation)
    • extract npp.7.6.4.bin.x64.zip to your desktop.
    • open the extracted npp.7.6.4.bin.x64 folder.
    • start this portable version by double clicking on notepad++.exe inside this folder.
      (note: notepad++.exe will just be called notepad++, if you have enabled to hide all known file extensions at your explorer settings)

    does the portable version give you the same results as your installed version, or does it differ ?

    if this portable version behaves the same on your machine, you could try to set the windows scaling to 100%, as seen at the screenshot above, to try if it makes any difference, and/or change your resolution temporarily to 1920x1080 for testing.

    if it does not make any difference, the next thing would be to look whether an updated driver is available for your graphics card.

    note: your experience might not be directly related to notepad++ itself, but to some lesser commonly known issue on your specific machine.

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