How do I change font?

  • Is this the only help? I just want to change the font.

  • @Chuck-Moore

    Well, it should be pretty obvious to start with the Settings menu. After that it is less obvious but there’s not a whole bunch there so how about Style Configurator? That’s where you will find options for font…BTW things are quite configurable.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Chuck-Moore

    if you want to change your default font in notepad++:

    please go to the menu settings > style configurator > global styles > default style and change the font and size to any font and size you prefer, as seen at the screenshot below.


  • Guess tha I have tried exactly this an many variants of what is here suggested. Now I followed the instructions I got above exactly. Nothing happens. I also tried to mark the complete file in the right window, then changed the font size, saved and closed. Nothing happens. Still ridiculously small characters. I also cleaned the NPP-program and reloaded the files, including moving one file to “the other” window. Same shit. Unreadable file. Checked the settings and they say font size i 10 (as I had defined it). Actual sise: 6 (or even 5?), unreadable. Character size in the left window: 12., as estimated. ( I loaded the files in NotePad. and there I set the font size to 12 pts, and then he text looked much the sane as the text in my NPP left window.).
    As an experienced programmer I very seldom blame the program if something inunderstandable happens. In more than 99% of the cases I myself is to be blamed. But I give up. How do I get a new version of NPP?

  • @Benny-Brodda

    Maybe your current Zoom level is really small? Try things with the zoom options on the View menu, and/or hold Ctrl while scrolling the mouse wheel (if you have one) while pointed at your editing document.

    Maybe Zoom doesn’t make a lot of sense because I don’t believe it is saved between runs of Notepad++, but…

  • Hello, @benny-brodda, @alan-kilborn, @meta-chuh and all,

    Normally, the default font size value is saved in the stylers.xml file of your N++ configuration. Depending of your N++ first installation, this configuration file may be found in different locations and possibly duplicates of this file may exist !

    So, first, could you give us some general info, clicking on the N++ option ? > Debug Info... ? It should help us …to help you ;-))

    @alan-kilborn :

    I just verified that specific values of zoom, in each of the two views, independently, are kept from one N++ session to another ;-))

    Best Regards,


  • Alan, thnks,
    The zoom option fixes it all. Peculiar that adjusting the font size through the settings feature has no influence whatsoever it seems on the font size. Whatsoever it there for?/Benny

  • @Benny-Brodda said:

    settings feature has no influence

    I too have had issues in the past, however I noticed that the image provided by @Meta-Chuh isn’t exactly what I have. My equivalent is:
    which has the global options which ALSO need setting below the font selection area. Only then will the font in the tabs change.

    I have 7.6.4 64bit, whether that makes a difference?


  • Hi, @benny-brodda, @terry-r and All,

    Just a reminder :

    When you choose the N++ option Settings > Style Configurator..., a dialog opens with, by default :

    • A drop-down Themes list, which refers to the Default (stylers.xml) theme, on top of the dialog

    • A drop-down Language list which refers to the Global Styles language, on the leftmost part of the dialog

    • A drop-down Style list which refers to the Global override style, on the left of the dialog

    Now, in the Language list :

    • Any item, different from the first Global Styles and the last Search result, are specific built-in languages, different from Normal Text and any UDL language. The different modifiable styles, of each language, are described in the corresponding drop-down Style list shown.

    • The Search result item describes some settings of the Find result panel, when clicking on :

      • The buttons Find All in All Opened Documents or Find All in Current Document of the Find dialog

      • The button Find All of the Find in Files dialog

    • The Global Styles language, which describes all the default settings, used when language is set to Language > N > Normal Text

    Let’s suppose, that you chose the options Default (stylers.xml) theme and Global Styles language. Then :

    • All styles, different from Global override, refer to settings specific to the Normal Text language only !

    • The style Global override represents a pseudo-style, which overrides the default style of any language. This means, in concrete terms, that if you correctly modify the right part of the Style Configurator window, these new settings will apply, from now on, to ALL languages, included Normal Text and on the Search result panel too !

    Now, I’ve said “if you correctly modify…” because, changing any of the 7 possible settings, needs TWO actions in order to be active. Indeed, you may modify :

    • The Global foreground colour ( Yellow, by default )

    • The Global background colour ( Orange, by default )

    • The Global Font name ( Courier New, by default )

    • The Global font size ( 10, by default )

    • The Global Bold attribute ( not set, by default )

    • The Global Italic attribute ( not set, by default )

    • The Global Underline attribute ( not set, by default )

    But, secondly, in order to set the changed settings, effectively, you need to check the appropriate square box(es), at the bottom of the dialog, all independently, which all begin with Enable ....

    For instance, using the default settings, if you check the two options Enable global foreground colour and Enable global foreground colour, you should see that, whatever the current language used, everything should appear with a yellow text over an orange background ;-)) The displaying would be identical for any other language, included the Search result panel !

    Best Regards,


    P.S. :

    For people using a built-in theme, among the 20 ones, different than Default (stylers.xml), most of them have the same settings for, either, the Global override style and the Default Style style. Only 4 styles have different settings : these are the Hello Kitty, Ruby Blue, Vibrant Ink and Vim Dark Blue styles !

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