NPP Task List Plugin

  • I cant seem to get custom keywords to work on this plugin, it should be easy as adding them to config file but only TODO: works



    no idea what’s wrong =(

  • can someone please help?

  • @Wes-Titus, welcome to the Notepad++ Community Forums:

    You asked

    can someone please help?

    It may be that there haven’t been any experts on the NPP Task List plugin who have frequented in the 15 hours since your original post. (I have never used the NPP Task List plugin, so I cannot help you, sorry.)

    However, it also may be that providing more information about your problem may help others to understand what it is you are trying to do, and offer help (either with the NPP Task List plugin, or by some other means; we’re a Community who is good with workarounds).

    I hope someone will be able to help you eventually. In the mean time, I hope you maintain patience, because this forum is frequented mostly by people who volunteer their time to help others use Notepad++ to the fullest – but that sometimes means that there’s no one immediately available who has the correct combination of time available to answer, knowledge to answer with, and who has been through the forum and read and understood your post.

  • @Wes-Titus

    i’m sorry too.
    none of the core members has used npptasklist before, otherwise you would have gotten a rather quick response.

    i’ve installed it to have a look at it, but i’m still trying to figure out why the npp_task_list.cfg is getting ignored on my machine too.

    there’s not really much documentation about that plugin around.
    in the mean time, could you post your notepad++ debug information here ?
    (? > debug info… > copy debug info into clipboard)
    because the plugin folder structures differ between older and newer versions of notepad++.

  • @Wes-Titus

    found it:

    you have to move your npp_task_list.cfg file into:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\Config\ for 32 bit notepad++
    C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\Config\ for 64 bit notepad++ versions.

  • @Wes-Titus

    easiest way to check if your npp_task_list.cfg is at the correct location, is to keep it open in notepad++, as all keyword entries will trigger the task list items at the task list panel, as seen at the screenshot below.


    ps: the next one with the same question will not have to wait “that” long, or better: will now hopefully find it first hand at the community search function instead of asking 😉

  • Thank you! Really appreciate it it was driving me nuts.

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