Request for new possibility to change font size within NPP gui itself

  • Hello together,

    I need to increase the font size in the npp gui (navigation bar , menus …) itself (like File, Edit, Search…) and all native npp dialog boxes (like preferences, find …) due of ergonomics reasons. In the moment the font size is fix defined in the code with 8 px high.

    There are handicap people working in our company with npp. They have big troubles while using npp with the small font size of 8 px

    Can you please create a new setting to make the font size of the npp gui itself editable and configurable.

    I know the hack of the notepad++.exe with the Resource Hacker tool, but this is annoying to to do every build release, and I didn’t find there every gui element .

    Thanks a lot
    Best wishes


  • @Andreas-Hoppe , Welcome to the Community.

    That sounds like a reasonable request.

    For the best chances of having your request seen by the developers, see the instructions in our FAQ entry on feature requests / bug reports. If you do put in a feature request (or if you find that the feature request already exists, and you upvoted it on the feature tracker), it would be nice if you came back here and posted a link to that request, so that anyone else who comes to this topic can easily find the status of your request.

    BTW: if you know of any open source software for Windows (it doesn’t have to be a text editor; it can be some other kind of app) that has a similar feature, it might be good to provide a link (both here, and in your feature request). That way, if the developer doesn’t happen to know how to change the GUI’s text-size based on a setting, he can look at the source code of the other open-source app to see how they did it. (The reason I ask is because I cannot think of any open-source app that I’ve used that has that feature… but it may be just because I’ve never gone looking for that feature myself.)

  • Hello,

    now I opened a feature request on github:



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