Visual Foxpro Language

  • Hi Guys, Excellent work! In the next update can you add a visual FoxPro language? Many Thanks for all! Humberto

  • Welcome to the Notepad++ Community Forums, @dvince247
    You asked us to

    add a visual FoxPro language

    This forum is made up of fellow users. As described in our FAQ here, feature requests should go on the github issues page, so that the developer will be able to see and track them. If you do make a feature request, be sure to paste a link to that request here.

    The second issue is that the builtin languages (the ones above the “Define your language…” row in the Language menu) are defined by the Scintilla component that the developer uses in Notepad++. Notepad++'s copy of Scintilla hasn’t been updated in ages, though there are rumors that the developer will be updating the Scintilla component “soon”. But, even if the developer updates the Scintilla component, if Scintilla itself hasn’t added the VF language, it still won’t be in Notepad++. You can go to the Scintilla website, and see if they have VF yet; if not, Scintilla has its own feature request tracker. But there is no guarantee that feature will propagate into Notepad++ any time soon.

    On the plus side, Notepad++ has what’s known as a “User Defined Language”, where you can define some simple syntax constructs (keywords, comment lines, numbers, operators, deliminator pairs for putting things in quotes and similar, block-folding) as long as you don’t need regular expressions to match your syntax properly. I’ve had successes doing “close enough for me” to get reasonable syntax highlighting for my non-standard languages; sometimes, how it handles certain aspects aren’t “perfect”, but are “close enough for me”. If you need fancier pattern matching, @Ekopalypse has made a PythonScript enhancer, which allows you to add extra syntax highlighting based on regular expressions.

  • @dvince247

    as visual foxpro is a discontinued product you probably won’t find one spending
    the time to create a builtin lexer but someone has already built an udl for it.
    Take a look here and other udl files are listed here.


    If you need fancier pattern matching, @Ekopalypse has made a PythonScript enhancer,

    Thank you but this is too much of an honor, I’ve just adjusted existing code a little bit.
    The main part was already done by the PythonScript developer(s).

  • Thank you all for your time and for your know how. I appreciate that.

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