fundamental question about the positioning of the cursor after marking a text to copy via context menu

  • Hi @ alll
    I switched from MS notepad to notepad ++
    Following problem:
    when I marked a line in MS notepad, I could right-click in any position to open the contextmenu
    the marked text line remains highlighted
    in notepad ++ I have to position the cursor on the marked text, otherwise the marking disappears and the line “copy” in the contextmenu is gray
    Is it possible to establish compatibility with the MS Edito possibly via a pluginr?

  • @Bernd-Roeckerath

    yes, it is necessary to keep the mouse pointer on top of a marked line if you want to use e.g. “copy” from the right-click context menu in notepad++.

    currently i can only provide you with a workaround like copying with [ctrl] + [c] which does not depend on the mouse pointer position.

    i don’t know a plugin that could detach the context menu of a tab from the mouse pointer position.

  • ok i understand -
    thx for the reply

  • It does seem rather silly that the selection gets canceled for such a case, and the caret gets moved to the point of right click. Maybe it would make more sense if right-click + drag actually did something. Anybody know if other editors do some interesting things if the user does this?

  • @Maxsteinfeld
    I think it is hardcoded behaviour of NPP so I suspect there is no easy solution. Maybe you can raise an issue on Github page.
    I know at least one possible workaround - if it is really important to have this you could use Autohotkey solution to invoke AppsKey on right click. It does not reset the selection, but it will block other possible features - like e.g. context menu on tabs hover will become inaccessible.

    #If winActive("ahk_exe notepad++.exe")
    	send {appskey}

  • @Mikhail
    THX for your great & simple workaround - it solves my prob
    i use ahk in my workflow so it was easy to add your hotkey

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