Spell Check

  • Could someone kindly point me to how to install spell check dictionaries? Many thanks. Have followed all the steps and installed all plugins but spellcheck does not function.

  • @Stephen-Austin

    installing the DSpellCheck and dictionaries might depend on your notepad++ version.
    here’s a step by step example guide for notepad 7.6.6 (7.6.3 and above)

    • open up plugins > plugins admin, search for dspellcheck and hit install, as seen at the screenshot below:

    • go to plugins > dspellcheck > settings and hit the download button.

    • uncheck show only recognized ones.

    • select the languages you need from the list and hit install selected, as seen at the next screenshot:

    • go to plugins > dspellcheck, select your required language from change current language and make sure that spell check document automatically is enabled.

  • Very helpful. Was looking around for that. Many thanks for taking the trouble to post it. APpreciated.

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