NppExec v0.6 RC3 has been released!

  • NppExec v0.6 RC3

    • new advanced option “ChildProcess_RunPolicy” (see “NppExec_TechInfo.txt”)
    • better compatibility with Notepad++ 7.6.x (and higher)
    • internal improvements
    • the NppExec Manual has been updated

    Get it here: Plugin v0.6 RC3/
    or here:

  • Here is some brief info about NppExec for new users:

    • NppExec adds a Console window at the bottom of Notepad++'s window;
      This Console window allows to run different console programs directly in it;
      Also there is Plugins -> NppExec -> Execute… window that allows to execute NppExec’s scripts (set of commands).
    • NppExec’s commands and variables are listed in the “NppExec.txt” file.
    • To get more details, type “help” (without the quotes) directly in NppExec’s Console. To get a detailed help about any NppExec’s command, type “help [command]” - e.g. “help npp_open” or “help set”.
      And don’t forget about Plugins -> NppExec -> Help/Manual.


    • Just unpack the NppExec zip-archive (the last *dll*.zip under either or to the folder “Notepad++\plugins”.
      It will extract the file “NppExec.dll” as well as the “doc\NppExec” and “NppExec” subfolders (the latter one contains header files used by NppExec at runtime).
    • The only difference between the *dll*.zip and *dll* is the plugin folder structure. The *dll*.zip corresponds to the plugin folder structure prior to Notepad++ 7.6.x, whereas the *dll* follows the new plugin folder structure introduced in Notepad++ 7.6.x together with the Plugins Admin.

    If you see just blank pages inside the NppExec Manual or see messages similar to “This web content was blocked” or “This web page could not be shown”, please follow the instructions below:

  • As can be seen, I could not force myself to completely update the NppExec Manual.
    The file “NppExec.txt” (under doc\NppExec) still contains a block “TODO” under the changes described for “v0.6 alpha 1 - December 2017”. In particular, this “TODO” block mentions:

    • add info about opening files
    • add info about @exit_cmd
    • “Unicode and ANSI” - to be replaced with “32-bit and 64-bit”
    • and so on

    Almost each mentioned item has its associated URL to the forum where more details can be found regarding the subject.

    Why I am writing this, is to welcome anyone who would want to volunteer in writing at least a base version of an “article” dedicated to any topic mentioned above.
    For example, a text dedicated to “32-bit and 64-bit” should be something really obvious for any advanced user, but, you know, this text needs to be written. Almost everyone, including me, can write it, but I still did not.
    So, maybe somebody already experimented in directions that would be good to be added to the Manual and, moreover, maybe he or she wants to share this experience and write something for the NppExec Manual?

  • @Vitaliy-Dovgan

    Tough to get excited about writing someone else’s manual… At work I write my own requirements (my customers–internal to the same company–can’t seem to manage it), then the software, then the validation plans, test suites, and user-level documentation. The only fun part of all that is the software, and even that is less fun these days…

    But maybe some kind souls here, who never seem to get tired of typing, can get on it… :)

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    But maybe some kind souls here, who never seem to get tired of typing, can get on it… :)

    dare any named suggestions ? :)

    i’m currently too heavy-loaded for the next 2 months or so, otherwise i would help out with pleasure.

  • @Meta-Chuh said:

    currently too heavy-loaded for the next 2 months or so

    Ah, yes, closing all those issues that those that still care about Notepad++ will just open new issues for…is a daunting effort. Glad to see however that you are human and aren’t going to tackle the additional documentation tasks for NppExec. :~P

    (It’s all in the name of HUMOR people – chillax if your first reaction is to chastise me)

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    i don’t think that anyone would chastise you for that, as it bares truth.

    but the question still remains: dare any (other) named suggestions ? :)

  • @Vitaliy-Dovgan

    Concerning NppExec, I know I can do SCI_SENDMSG to send a Scintilla command to the current editor view. The Find-result panel is also a Scintilla view…is there any way I can send a Scintilla command to it using NppExec?

  • Regarding the Find Result panel (better later than never)… The command npp_sendmsgex can be used to send a message to a custom window (hWnd). So the trick is to get the hWnd of the Find Result panel’s Scintilla window. Looking through the existing messages in “Notepad_plus_msgs.h”, I don’t see a quick solution, though.

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