Python in Notepad++

  • Hi. I’m working with python, and would like to be able to run python in Notepad++. I know it has a python language, but when I try to run a script or command, like “print(“Hello World”)” Notepad++ opens a python terminal, and I want to run python in Notepad++ itself. Is there a way to set this up, so I can run python from within Notepad++ and not an external terminal?

  • @Sean-Anigans

    well it depends what exactly you want to do and which python version you wanna use and how flexible it should be and …

    Npp does not have a builtin python interpreter but there are plugins which allow to execute python code
    either natively like PythonScript or with a local installation like NppExec. If you want to use Python3 then I would argue that NppExec is the way to go.
    NppExec provides a builtin console and a way to configure what needs to be executed.

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