UDL Comment Folding

  • Hi,

    $* is my line comment style.
    Can also be $******* (full line) for asthetics. | generates an inline comment (works ok).
    $Log starts a comment block (is placed inside $* comment line) and is not specifically terminated expect a $* is always occuring afterwards.

    I created a comment line style with $* | without continuing or closeing signs.

    My comment stlye is Open: $Log and Close: $*

    I enabled nesting in the options and is works OK.

    But folding is only working on line comments. Am I breaking the limits of notepad++ or missing something?

    Sample Data and Configuration


  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Felix-T

    here’s your screenshot with corrected markdown syntax ![](https://i.imgur.com/ZjVrqzt.png) for reader’s convenience.

    answers might follow, as soon as a community member with udl experience has time to have a look at this.

  • @Felix-T

    this is very tricky, due to line comment open and block comment close being the same, no really unique open and close strings we could use, and the nesting in addition to that.

    i had some limited success using folding in comment styles, but as the folder rules overlap, it can come to glitches, triggering either one or the other fold rule.

    here’s a screencast of it, maybe you find something useful.

  • Thanks so far and also for helping with the encoding.
    I forgot to mention that regular lines can also be encoded using keywords and a dollar: $Time, $File. So a lone opening $ is not working.

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