.lic File

  • I can’t open .lic file in anything. Someone said me that notepad++ can open the this .lic file but
    i try to open it but it contain text is not in readable form help me…
    thank you in advance.!!:)

  • .lic Extension - List of programs that can open .lic files :

  • @Jay-Patel said:

    it contain text is not in readable

    It depends on what the content of the .lic file is what can open it. There are often multiple programs that use the same file extension to refer to very different kinds of data. A .lic often (but not always) implies a license file of some type.

    A site like nirsoft (where @andrecool-68 linked) lists apps that happen to deal with a file named .lic – it doesn’t say whether or not it matches your particular .lic file.

    If it’s a text-based license file (or other text-based format), then Notepad++ will be able to show you the contents just fine; but if it’s a proprietary binary format (for a license file, often used to tell commercial software that you have paid the publisher for a license; otherwise, proprietary binary data is common, no matter the extension), then either you need to use an application that can recognize that particular binary format, or understand that for some types of files (like a paid license file), the publisher doesn’t make the binary format public, because it will likely result in people trying to hack their license or proprietary data files, to steal trade secrets or gain access to applications or features that the customer has not paid for.

    We have a FAQ about some of these concepts – it focuses on why .docx and .pdf documents aren’t readable in Notepad++, but the concepts are the same.