How do I transfer my files into a folder?

  • I dont know how to export files plz help. xD

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @MILDMAYHEMPVP

    if you want to avoid answers like:

    • put your files on a usb drive.
    • put your usb drive into an envelope.
    • folder your envelope to close it.
    • go to your local post office.
    • declare your folded envelope as an export item and send it overseas.

    we would need more information like:

    1. are you using notepad++ at all ?
      (if not true press the X at the top right corner of your browser window)

    2. what file did you open in notepad++ ?
      (only applies if point 1. is true, otherwise point 2. will not be visible by now)

    3. did you open any file in notepad++ at all ?
      (only applies if 1. is true and 2. is not known to you)

    4. what is your definition of the terms export and transfer, as well as their difference to save a file ?
      (if you managed to read until here, we can say hooray, thanks for all the fish, and now for something completely different 😉)

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