Built-in Clipboard History

  • I’ve been trying to get MultiClipBoard plugin working in 64-bit with no use. I’ve been using the built-in clipboard history in the meantime, but I don’t like that it’s mouse driven. I have Ctrl-Alt-V set to do the MultiClipBoard paste and that pops up a context menu in the editor with the last 10 clipboard entries. I hate having to use the mouse to double click the item in the Clipboard History window.

    Is there a way to programmatically access the Clipboard History if I were to write my own plugin? I don’t see any NPP or Scintilla API messages on accessing the clipboard history - although admittedly I haven’t read the spec top to bottom, just searched for keywords.


  • @Michael-Vincent

    If you’re going to write your own plugin, just handle the clipboard yourself. Make your own history. :)

    Use Windows API functions OpenClipboard etal. Easy peasy.

    The hardest part (and not all that hard) is the create-a-plugin part.

    Maybe a better idea is to approach the author of Multiclipboard plugin and ask for keyboard support to be added. Or ask the Notepad++ development team to add necessary support to the native Clipboard history stuff.

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