How to change colors of highlights?

  • I’ve searched around here and found a topic from 3 years ago that says it’s impossible.

    My problem is that I’ve finally found a theme that works on my screen but the “you are on this line” highlight and the “you have selected this text” highlight are not different enough from the background.

    How do I change those? I tried tinkering with the Style Configurator, to no avail…

  • @Kiichiro-Matsushita, welcome to the Notepad++ Community.

    You said:

    I tried tinkering with the Style Configurator, to no avail…

    You don’t tell us which theme you are starting with. You don’t tell us what you tried in the Style Configurator. One would think if you really wanted help, you would give us more to work with.

    That said, I will give the following advice:

    How do I change those?

    Using Style Configurator, after you’ve set your theme, you can choose the Global Styles in the first column, and choose the Current Line Background settings (second column) to change the “you are on this line” highlight; for “you have selected this text”, you need to edit the Selected Text Color (again, second column). Please note for these two settings, Style Configurator only pays attention to Background Color – the foreground color and bold/italic/underline settings are ignored.

    If this is not sufficient, please try to provide details about what doesn’t work – what you have, what you tried, what you got, and what you really wanted. Screenshots will go a long way to helping us see what “doesn’t work” for you. (Screenshots can be uploaded onto or a similar site, and linked with the syntax ![]( to embed the image visibly in your post – the PREVIEW window should show your image, if you’ve linked to it properly)

    Good luck.

  • Solved. Thank you!

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