Help- Accidental keystroke puts me on first tab

  • I’ve been having an issue in recent weeks (maybe 2-3 months). When I’m typing within a Notepad++ tab, I’m hitting something that immediately moves my cursor to the first tab. So I’m typing my little heart out, then I’m suddenly typing in the middle of the wrong document.

    I dug through every menu and shortcut setting I could find, twice, then again - just to be sure. So far I’m unable to find the setting, but frustration is mounting as I’m now in a cast and typing is even more difficult than usual. :/

  • @Jennifer-Minella said:

    I’m hitting something

    Is it possible you are hitting Ctrl-(numpad 1). If you look under Settings, Shortcut Mapper, and down around halfway, possibly #150 I have 1st Tab (my setting is Ctrl-numpad 1). This hotkey can be adjusted to another combination or cleared, so it doesn’t occur at all.

    When I tried it I immediately moved to the 1st tab, and then I started typing it was at the start of that tab.


  • Thanks! It’s very unlikely because of where my CTRL key and number pads are. And it always goes to the first tab (e.g. ctrl-1). It’s happening during standard word-based typing.

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