Unwanted Moving Text

  • When Ever I Type And There’s Some Text In Front Of Where I’m Typing, It Moves Along As I Type And It Get’s Really Annoying. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • @Flare

    It sounds like you are in Insert mode rather than Overwrite mode. Press and release the Insert key. Then you should see OVR on the right side of the status bar.

  • @Flare said:

    When Ever I Type

    If you were to look at the bottom right of Notepad++ (NPP) you should see INS. This means insert. NPP will start in this mode (at least mine does). If you hit the Insert key it will change to OVR which means overwrite. In this mode any text in front of the cursor will be overwritten by what you type.

    This is all by design, you just need to understand what mode you are in.