remove quotation marks from a text

  • friends I need to remove the quotes of a text of 2000 lines, can you help me?

    karl mingo:avenue:“456-street”:age:23:birthday:15,november
    Merly donovan:street:“california”:age:26:educati:2level

  • @peterfrankw3 said:

    remove the quotes

    The easiest way to do this is to highlight one of the quotes, then select Search, then Replace. You will see the Find What field is already filled in with the quote you selected. I suggest have Search mode set to normal. Make sure the Replace With field is empty. Then click on Replace All button. This will remove all copies of the character.

    If by some chance the quotes you are using aren’t exactly what you have shown here you may need to repeat these steps with any other quote left behind.


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