WHY SoUrCeFoRgE for plugins(yeah, it isn't reasonable to rant, but just venting)

  • D’oh!
    Currently Sourceforge is blocked in South Korea!
    which means…
    I can’t use plugins hosted on Sourceforge.

    Why do you even use Sourceforge?(yes, this is NOT a problem to whine for, and NOT a problem for npp but why…)

  • Sorta just venting out

  • @kicKORhIT-16384-needSYDney said:

    Sorta just venting out

    Maybe vent on:

    • a South Korean government site
    • a Sourceforge site

    Well, strike that second one, as the first one seems to be where the blame lies.

    But…are a lot of current plugins still on Sourceforge? If so, gotta give that a big ugh as Sourceforge sucks and is only a sad vestige of what it used to be. I guess there is not much to be done for older plugins that are no longer really actively maintained (and were created back in the SF hey-day, and thus remain likely forever there).

    But really…we can listen to your ranting/venting, but can’t help. :(

  • @kicKORhIT-16384-needSYDney

    don’t worry, this place is specifically designed to be a venting valve for all of us.

    notepad++ has left sourceforge a long time ago, but we do not have any influence to motivate all plugin developers to do the same.

    many thanks and best regards.

  • Thanks for the positive reaction.
    Well, currently this is what I did:

    1. vented to Sourceforge(in the form of email)-yes, at least the Sourceforge people told me that they’ll look into it, but it’s very likely that it’s an automated response.
    2. could not vent to South Korean government site:
      as always, each government agencies deny their responsibility in this situation. nobody seems to take care of the problem.
      (just an update for whom interested in this problem)

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