How to make NppCrypt ask for password every time?

  • I had encrypted my document and managed to make it ask for password every time I opened it. Now all of a sudden it doesn’t and I have to encrypt and decrypt manually every time. I don’t remember how I did it before and as far as I searched this is mentioned nowhere. I want every time I open the document a little window popping up asking for password and encrypting it once and for all not again and again.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Tom-Bob

    the nppcrypt plugin will only prompt to decrypt files, if they have a specific file extension.
    the default extension is nppcrypt, so it will only automatically prompt for decryption on files like password_list.nppcrypt.

    if you had a different file extension before, you can set it again at the menu plugins > nppcrypt > preferences > extension.

    best regards.

  • Thanks! I don’t understand what should I set as ‘extension’ though. Setting it as the file name of the document I want to encrypt doesn’t work. I also have ‘ask for encyption when saving’ ticked but it doesn’t do anything and I remember that it was related but that’s all I remember… I’m a total noob I this, I did it before with some lost instructions.

  • @Tom-Bob

    please give us an example file name of one of your already encrypted files.

    note: if you can not see your file extensions in windows explorer, because they are set to be hidden at the windows explorer preferences:

    open one of your already encrypted files in notepad++.
    you will be able to see the full name including the file extension at the notepad++ tab and the title bar.

    the file extension is the file name part after the last . of the file name.
    example: textfile.txt has the file extension txt.

    best regards.

  • Ok I did it! I don’t even know why it was changed and I remember doing it differently before… Anyway thanks!

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