Curser position sporadic reset

  • Hi community,
    I have the problem that although “remember current session for next launch” is enabled, sometimes the cursor position is reset on start of file. I’ve been using NP++ for years now and this only happens currently. Could this be an update bug?
    There are four text files opened by default. One is more than 9000 lines, the other three have less than 100. Sometimes the current positions are “remembered” for a couple of files, sometimes all four files are “reset” to pos1.
    Anyone aware of file length limitation? If no such, how can I enable some sort of debug logging to catch this?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Boian

    Could it be any relation with this topic, at the address, below ? It would be nice, as Dail found a solution !

    As for me, no problem. The cursor’s position is preserved, from one session to another, for each file of my session :-)

    Best regards,


  • Hi guy :)
    Thank you very much for the link. This does indeed work for me.
    For the general audience: there seems to be a bug in XML Tools version 2.4.6 that triggers the caret to position 0. The bug can be followed under:
    Both disabling the plug-in, or only disabling its option “Set XML type automatically” worked in my case.
    Cheers everyone!

  • You can update the XML Tools Plugin to a newer version now to v2.4.8 which fixes this problem.
    Use Notepad++ > Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager > Updates and choose XML Tools to be updated.

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