NotePad++ not work in Ubuntu

  • Hello
    I installed Note Pad ++ in Ubuntu 18.0.4 but it not run and work…
    please help me

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Hassan-Dehghani

    notepad++ should run without problems on ubuntu 18.04.2, if notepad++ 7.6.6 is installed from the ubuntu software center.

    • please try uninstalling notepad++.
      if it has been installed at the ubuntu software center, you can remove it from there.
      for other uninstallation options, you will have to follow the guide you used to install notepad++.

    • to re-install notepad++, open ubuntu software center, search for notepad++, select notepad-plus-plus from the search results, and press install, as seen at the screenshot below.


    • to open up notepad++, click on the notepad++ dock icon as seen at the screenshot below.


    • if you do not have a notepad++ icon, please click activity at the top left of your screen and search for notepad++, as seen at the screenshot below.


    best regards.

  • Thank you for your attention @Meta-Chuh
    but i installed it from ubuntu software center and add it’s icon to favorite bar in the left side of screen in Ubuntu 18.4
    but when i click on it for opening and use it will not work at all

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