Combiner Plugin?

  • I need to combine a bunch of seperate text files into one big text file. The last time I used this program a few years ago, I was able to download a combiner plugin to do the job. I can’t find it in the new plugin directory though, anyone know where I could get it? C:

  • I guess you are talking about the Combine plugin. You can download it >>> here <<<.

    Because you mentioned a “new plugin directory” I guess you are running Notepad++ v7.6.6. To manually install the plugin you have to create a directory named <Notepad++-install-dir>\plugins\Combine, the same name like the plugin’s DLL file nam, and copy it to that location.

  • @Joey-Flaig

    if you are already on notepad++ 7.6.6. 32 bit, you can also install the combine plugin using the built in plugins admin, at the menu plugins > plugins admin.

    please also note, that the combine plugin is only available for 32 bit versions of notepad++.
    if you have installed a 64 bit version of notepad++, we would eventually have to come up with a different alternative.

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