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  • Hello. I have text like this.
    And i need replace every 3h 3s … to that <img src=“3h.png”><img src=“3s.png”> …
    thank you in advance.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Ivan-Kuzmich

    if you have a text like:


    open up the notepad++ menu search > replace and enter the following:

    search what: ([0-9][a-z])
    replace with: <img src="$1.png">
    search mode: regular expression

    then either hit replace to replace every occurrence one by one,
    or hit replace all to parse-replace the complete file.

    note: if you have similar conflicting content in your file, select only the part you want to parse-replace and activate in selection before you hit replace all.

    the result will then be:

    <img src="3h.png"><img src="3s.png"><img src="2h.png"><img src="2s.png">
    <img src="3d.png"><img src="3h.png"><img src="2h.png"><img src="2s.png">
    <img src="3c.png"><img src="3h.png"><img src="2h.png"><img src="2s.png">

    if your result differs, we would need a real life example of a part of your file.

    best regards.

  • Awesome. thank you!

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