Package Manager System.

  • Hello!

    I am working over a project. It is project of a package manager system.
    I love package managers of Linux distributions. Because it is very simple
    and very regular. You just select what you want, and It install it!
    I download many software in Windows. But many time there are much software in my computer.
    Same softwares but many versions! If there was a Linux like package manager system for Windows,
    everything would be easy! Because of this I try making
    a package manager system for Windows. Its name is Wipam (Windows Package
    Manager). I still making the core system. But I need some example packages for the testings.
    So I need you for packaging your software/library. Because just you can do it.
    Because it is your software/library and you know its dependeceies.
    If you interested to my project please respond to me via this e mail:

    Sorry for bad English. I still learning :)

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