Project panel does not pop up

  • Good afternoon ,

    in my Office environment they upgrade to notepadd++ 7.6.6 32 bits. Since the upgrade, when I try to open a project panel nothing happen, the project docking window does not appear anymore. I have all my useful files in project 1. I try to open project 2 or 3 but same no windows appear.
    How to add information log/debug to understand why this happen ?
    this feature is so useful, I use it also at home with the same version and this one is working perfectly.

    Thanks a lot.

  • @Pierre-Huybens

    would you mind posting the debug-info?
    It is available under ? menu and would reveal how npp is setup and where to look for
    configuration files etc.

  • here is the information. thanks for helping.
    Notepad++ v7.6.6 (32-bit). I just copy back the XML tools that working fine.

    Build time : Apr 3 2019 - 23:49:50

    Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe

    Admin mode : OFF

    Local Conf mode : OFF

    OS : Windows 10 (64-bit)

    Plugins : mimeTools.dll NppConverter.dll NppExport.dll XMLTools.dll

  • @Pierre-Huybens

    because of Local Conf mode : OFF your configuration files are located under
    %APPDATA%\notepad++ (in reality something like C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++).

    There should be a file called config.xml in it.
    This xml should have an xml tag like

            <ProjectPanel id="0" workSpaceFile="C:\Users\eren\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\npp_projects" />
            <ProjectPanel id="1" workSpaceFile="" />
            <ProjectPanel id="2" workSpaceFile="" />

    Can you check if this is the case?
    Can you copy the content of that tag.
    Note, to inculde it like I did use 3 ~ in front and after the text, like
    xml data

  • here is the contain of the file

         <ProjectPanel id="0" workSpaceFile="C:\cs-coe\workspace2.xml" />
         <ProjectPanel id="1" workSpaceFile="" />
          <ProjectPanel id="2" workSpaceFile="" />
    ~~~ xml data ~~~
    and the full file contains point to my project contains , I have  used this one for a while and also sorte to have file  in alphabetic order 
    C:\Users\phuybens>dir C:\cs-coe\workspace2.xml
    Volume in drive C is System
    Volume Serial Number is BEC0-4DC3
    Directory of C:\cs-coe
    05/15/2019  03:32 PM             6,005 workspace2.xml
                   1 File(s)          6,005 bytes
                   0 Dir(s)  198,528,884,736 bytes free
    and there is no error in the xml file , I can provide the contains , but when open in notepadd++ there is no xml error  ;-)
    thanks for your help

  • @Ekopalypse : what I do not understand that if i try to open another project (the other empty one) there is also not pop up windows. No wait to start Notepad++ with debug information ?

  • @Pierre-Huybens

    no, npp doesn’t have something like a log file to see what is going on.
    Because you mentioned that none of the panels appears I thought the tag got corrupted
    but doesn’t look like this is the case.
    What you can try is to stop npp and rename config.xml.
    When starting npp it will create a default one. Does this work?

  • @Ekopalypse : Yes, this was the solution, Now the Workspace windows is pop up again.
    Many many thanks Ekopalypse.

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