How to make Notepad++ to forget old installation path

  • I am trying to install Notepad++ to large group of Windows 7 computers silently using configuration management tool.
    This works well for most computers. But on few computers users had previously manually installed Notepad++ to D:\Notepad++.
    On these computers the new centralised installation also ends up on D drive even though I use command line switch (\D) to install it to C:\Program Files.

    This happends even if I uninstall Notepad++ and delete all registry entries related to it that I can find before trying the centralised installation. How can I force Notepad++ to forget its old installation location and install to specified directory instead?

    Version of Notepad++ I am trying to install is 7.6.4.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Installer

    you can either specify the target folder on a silent install:

    • 32 bit: npp.7.6.6.Installer.exe /S /D=%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Notepad++\

    • 64 bit: npp.7.6.6.Installer.x64.exe /S /D=%ProgramFiles%\Notepad++\

    or you can wipe all previous file based settings, and use your current install method:

    • uninstall the existing notepad++.

    • delete %ProgramFiles%\Notepad++ if it still exists from an older 64 bit version.

    • delete %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Notepad++ if it still exists from an older 32 bit version.

    • delete %AppData%\Notepad++ for all relevant users, if it still exists.

    • delete %LocalAppData%\, if it exists from a very old version.

    • delete %ProgramData%\Notepad++ if it exists.

    • re-install notepad++ using your preferred deployment method.

    best regards.

  • @Meta-Chuh

    Thanks, using /D switch with %ProgramFiles% variable instead of string Program Files helped. (I guess the space in the path caused it to not work for me earlier.) Now I am able to force installation to C drive.

    However wiping mentioned locations did not seem to have any effect. On those few computers the installation still defaults to D drive unless /D switch is used.

  • @Installer

    splendid, at least you’ve got it working with the /D switch.

    there must be still a residue either at the registry installer information, or file based left overs, maybe on D:\Notepad++, but it shouldn’t be any problem, if you don’t have the time to keep on searching, as the next update or silent install will use the new installer path, unless you uninstall notepad++ first.

    best regards.

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