Run Open Script

  • How do I make CTRL+R run the file I currently have open?

  • @Veritius

    without having further info the steps needed to do are

    1. create a run configuration and save it (run menu->run)
      e.g. python $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)
    2. assign the shortcut CTRL+R to this new run menu entry. (run menu->modify shortcut/…)

  • @Veritius

    note: ctrl+r is mapped to file > reload from disk in newer versions of notepad++, so if you really want to use this shortcut, and you are e.g. on notepad++ 7.7, you should remove this shortcut from preferences > shortcut mapper > main menu > reload from disk.

  • My first thought on this was that the file is probably html and the OP wants a keycombo to open it in Chrome for ex. Easy, just go to Shortcut Mapper and map the View (menu) > View Current File in > Chrome command…but I found no such command available in the Shortcut Mapper

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    only the final menu name is accessible at the shortcut mapper, not the sub-category, so you have to search for e.g. chrome or edge, instead of the word view.

  • @Meta-Chuh

    True, I was looking for something about “View Current File in Chrome” instead of just “Chrome”! Thx, MC.

    I noticed something a bit disconcerting about the Filter function in the Shortcut Mapper: If I filter for Chrome, it is found but the number in the left column I expected to stay at 143, but it showed 1. It would be nice if it stayed at 143 because then if I clear the filter I can move the scrollbar to the 140’s section and see related commands. When the filtering starts it over at 1 this kind of thing doesn’t work. I’d guess that this is an auto-numbering by a grid control and N++ doesn’t really ever deal with it…

  • @Alan-Kilborn

    as far as i have seen, the numbering was introduced before the search filter was added, to allow supporters to say e.g. “go to line 143”.

    you are correct, the numbering is still generated at the time of displaying, and not taken from a table, created once, when shortcut mapper is initialised.

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