Non Working Jumplist

  • Using version 7.6.6 on Win10 Home 64 and jumplists not working. Clicking on a pinned item opens Notepad++ but doesn’t load the item at all. Using NppJumpList

  • @Kevin-Stern

    what happens if you unpin this file from the nppjumplist,
    unpin notepad++ from the task bar,
    close notepad++.

    then open notepad++,
    pin notepad++ to your task bar,
    and pin one of your files to the jumplist again.

    does it still just open notepad++ if it is closed, without opening the file ?

    note: i’ve experienced nppjumplist to occasonally fail to open files when notepad++ is already running, but not if it’s closed.
    this does not seem to depend on the notepad++ version, but rather a change after one of the windows updates.

  • Still nothing on the first part. Does seem to open to the pinned item if Notepadd++ is closed. But not when already opened.

  • I just discovered if I pin from Notepad++ it doesn’t work. if I drag and drop onto Notepadd++ and pin it that way, it now works fine. Very odd.

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