V7.7 - File too big error - even when opening 1KB files?

  • Hi guys, I’m on the latest version of Notepad++ (V7.7 - 64 bit) and it is coming up with the File too big error, even when opening XML files that are only 3KB?

    Has anyone else seen this issue here or am I the only one?

    Thanks all!

  • Hi all, I have downgraded to V7.6.4, and it is now working fine. This is an issue with V7.7, hopefully it gets resolved soon :)

  • Hi @Johan-Santen ,

    Do you have any plugins installed?

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @Johan-Santen

    so far we have not heard of any incident, where a small file caused a file too big error on notepad++ 7.7.

    if you are happy with 7.6.4 it’s ok.
    if you want to check, if a clean 7.7. would work, without modifying your current 7.6.4 install, please test the following, to verify, if a clean notepad++ (without any plugins that could cause this) would work on your system.

    • download the notepad++ 7.7 64 bit portable version from >>> here <<<.
      (the portable version does not require any installation and runs completely independent and isolated from your installed version. all custom settings, as well as any stuff you might want to try at the portable version, will not modify your installed version)

    • extract npp.7.7.bin.x64.zip to your desktop.

    • important note: make sure to close all instances of notepad++ that might be running, before starting the portable version at the next step, to be sure you are using the portable version for this test.

    • open the extracted npp.7.7.bin.x64 folder and start this portable version by double-clicking on notepad++.exe inside this folder.
      (note: notepad++.exe will just be seen as notepad++, if you have enabled to hide all known file extensions at your explorer settings)

    • try to open your file from within this clean portable 7.7 version.

    best regards.

  • @pnedev Thanks for your response! Yes, I have two plugins installed - Compare, and Poor Man’s T-SQL formatter.

  • @Meta-Chuh Thanks for the welcome, much appreciated! I’ll give that a go shortly, and advise of the outcome!

  • @Meta-Chuh Unfortunately, the stand alone version you gave me gives the error I mention - File too big even when opening a 1KB file.

    It’s unfortunate this forum doesn’t allow screenshots to be posted, how do I show you guys the error?

  • @Johan-Santen ,

    Please try to remove the plugins (just temporarily move the plugins sub-folders containing their dll files somewhere else)
    then restart Notepad and try again.
    Another option would be to leave the plugins but open a console (cmd) and run Notepad++ with notepad++ -noPlugin

  • @Johan-Santen ,

    One more thing.
    Make sure there are no other instances of Notepad++ running (try the things I mentioned after computer restart). I guess you already did that but saying it just in case.
    Does Notepad++ open any file at all?
    Where is the file located (hard drive, flash, network mapped drive)?

  • @Johan-Santen said:

    It’s unfortunate this forum doesn’t allow screenshots to be posted, how do I show you guys the error?

    Upload to an external image-hosting service like imgur.com, then embed the image using the syntax


    which will render as


    (If you are using imgur, please make sure to use the “direct link”, which has the i.imgur.com hostname, and includes the .png or .gif or .jpg extension at the end; that is the actual image; if you use the https://imgur.com/QTHZysa-style link, it will try to imbed the HTML wrapper-page from imgur as an image in the forum, and that won’t work. Other image-hosting sites are probably similar.)

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