Replace part of an expression from a line, in many documents

  • Hi guys, ive been using notepad++ for a few years but i never started to actually USE it. If you know what i mean lol.

    The thing is, i tried to find a guide about regular expressions but im completely lost and its everything too overwheelming.

    I have several documents, and in all of em there is a line that follows as ->

    spawn_rate : 0.05

    So, the number is the thing i want to replace. I want to search in all documents the lines with spawn_rate : xx and replace em with spawn_rate: 0.01 (a fixed number for all lines).

    Thanks in advance!.

  • welcome to the notepad++ community, @George-RJ

    if you want to replace all digits, that match the pattern 1.23, open the replace window and enter the following:

    find what: (\d.\d\d)
    replace with: 0.01
    search mode: regular expression

    then either replace one by one, or hit replace all.

    note: if those numbers also exist on positions you don’t want to replace, and you want to explicitly replace spawn_rate entries only, please enter the following:

    find what: spawn_rate : (\d.\d\d)
    replace with: spawn_rate : 0.01
    search mode: regular expression

    ps: if regex isn’t too overwhelming in general, please have a look at this faq section on where to find some understandable regex documentation for beginners:

    best regards.

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