Replace around 100 different variables with variables in 300+ files?

  • Hi,

    I have a list with variables that change name from one name to another. I think around 100 variables are changing names. Ex.
    f1_test to msdyn_test
    f1_oldtest to msdyn_new
    etc etc

    Theese variables need to be changed in +300 files.

    The files is .xaml files but can be opened with notepad++ and it look very similar to an .xml file

    Is there anyway to do this?

  • @Rasmus-K said:

    around 100 variables are changing names

    There is no “batch” replacement capability in Notepad++. I don’t know of a plugin that does this, either. It is certainly something that could be scripted with a N++ scripting language, or you could take it “outside” N++ and use just about any programming language to do it.

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