NPPFTP unable to connect

  • I have a laptop and PC, both with windows 10 both with NP++ and NPPftp plugin ( v 7.7 32 bit ) on a home network.
    Laptop with NPPftp works fine
    PC has stopped getting a connection with the following log:
    [NppFTP] Everything initialized
    -> TYPE I
    -> Quit
    Unable to connect

    I can get a FTP connection using my Browser and FileZilla

    ( I did disable Windows Firewall too but that did not make a difference)
    {i did uninstall and re install NPP too but no change.)

    I deduce that this must be a specific Windows 10 setting problem rather then software or network.

    Can any one make a suggestion of any setting that may now be preventing the connection?

  • Update
    I have also tested using a ftp server on ftp://localhost - again no connection via NPFTP but can connect using a browser.

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