Notepad++ Bookmarking Lines - Paste to replace the Bookmarked Lines Alternative Software in Linux

  • I am in the process of moving completely from Windows to Ubuntu (Linux). One of my favourite Software is Notepad++. I know it is possible to install it in Ubuntu with wine but I would like something native to Linux if possible. It would be great Notepad++ to be available in Linux…

    One of the things that I use the most is Search for a term and bookmark the lines where this term is located. Then I use the “Paste to replace bookmarked Lines” function to get rid of some lines with a new text.

    Is there a software capable to bookmark lines with the search function as Notepad++ does.

    Thank you!


    This is the fuctionality that I use the most. Bookmarking and the replacing the bookmarked lines.

  • Notepad++ GUI is written with Windows GUI (win32) application calls, so without an interface like Wine which interprets those win32 calls, (from how I understand it) it would require a complete rewrite of Notepad++ to convert it to one of the standard Linux toolkits. At which point, the only real similarity would be that this new application used Scintilla as the underlying editor, and possibly tried to mimic the menus of the Windows Notepad++… That’s not going to happen (*). I’ve heard good things about how well it works in Wine or similar environments, so I think you should give it a chance there.

    (*: at least, not by the current Notepad++ development team; anyone who does it outside of that is really making a new application, and should not use the Notepad++ name.)

    Otherwise, there have frequently been discussions about “what’s the closest editor to Notepad++ in ___”, for MacOS or Linux, so search the forum archives for such. Since I’m not a linux texteditor expert, I don’t know which ones may or may not include bookmarking capability. I think the bookmarking capability may come from the scintilla component, in which case, any scintilla-based editor should have it. I searched for “scintilla based linux editors” and found this page, which lists linux and windows scintilla-based editors.

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